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Coat of arms of Kecskemét
Coat of arms of Kecskemét

Comprising all the beauties and values of the Great Plain, Kecskemét is situated in the middle of Hungary, 85km far from Budapest. It is the 7th largest town of Hungary with the area of 321 km2 and the population over 112,000. This town is well-known for its Apricot Pálinka, the beautiful buildings of Art Nouveau style ornamented with coloured ceramics, and also the "Kodály-method" named after Zoltán Kodály the world-famous composer who was born in Kecskemét. The seat of Bács-Kiskun county is usually called "Hírös Town" as Sándor Petőfi, the great Hungarian poet would call it. The name Kecskemét originates from the word "kecske" - meaning goat, and "mét" - meaning district.

Thanks to its favourable geographical position Kecskemét has always been the meeting point of different religions, cultures and traders of all nationalities. The city was founded at the cross-roads of ancient trading routes. In 1368 it was identified as a market-town in a charter of King Anjou Louis the Great, so Kecskemét celebrates its 650th anniversary this year with a series of programs all through the year. The development of gardening, wine-growing viniculture and fruit-growing all have led to the development of the city. The most famous product of the town is Apricot Pálinka, which is made of special tasty apricots. The cultivation of the characteristic fruit of the region started more than 100 years ago.

Kecskemét is the native town of József Katona, the author of the Hungarian national drama, and Zoltán Kodály, the world-famous composer, expert of music pedagogy, musicologist, and researcher of folk music. He founded the first primary music school of the country in Kecskemét, which bears the name of the master and has become world-famous together with the Zoltán Kodály Institute of Music Pedagogy.

Due to its advantageous geographical location Kecskemét has developed into the economic, administrative, educational, and cultural centre of the region. It hosts several institutions of fine art, unique collections, and renowned festivals.

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