Attractions and Sights of Kecskemét

Sight of Kecskemét: Katona József Theatre

The Neo-Baroque building of the theatre was built for the Millennium of the country. It was named after the author of the first Hungarian national drama - the son of Kecskemét - József Katona in 1916. Its resemblance to the Vígszínház (Comedy Theatre) in Budapest is not coincidental, they were both built by the plans of the famous Vienna architects, Hellmer and Fellner. The building was modernized in 1961, then a reconstruction took place during 1986-87 according to the plans of Ybl-prize winner Gábor Farkas and Pál Boros architects.

Its ornamental design reminding of a jewel box is especially spectacular in the evening. One of the great directors of the theatre is Vilmos Radó who was the leader of the theatre for 15 years. In the 1970s the performance of József Ruszt, then the theatre companies of Miklós Jancsó és Ferenc Lendvay from 1980s were very famous. In front of the theatre the Column of the Holy Trinity reminds us of the epidemic of Black Death that took a heavy toll on the population. The statue made of sandstone in 1742 is decorated with the figures of Saint Sebastian, Saint Roch, Saint Elisabeth and Saint Steven of the House of Árpád.

The director of the theatre has been Péter Cseke since 2009.

The theatre can be visited by pre-booking.